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We’re just a group of Southern queers working to rewrite the narrative surrounding our Southern HER-itage.

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Make Your Suicide Someone Else’s Problem

Content Warning:For talks about suicide in a way too casual and candid manner, which might make some readers uncomfortable. If you need someone to talk to, please reach out to:National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255Trans Lifeline: (877) 565-8860 _______________________________________ Now on with the show: I’ve dealt with suicidal ideation my entire life. But because I’ve been… Continue reading Make Your Suicide Someone Else’s Problem

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Local Politicians Enforce Transgender Sports Advantage

Local politicians driven to abolishing fairness in athletics have passed laws forcing boys to play on the girls’ teams.

“We saw that Texas boy go 88-0 against girls in wrestling and thought, wow, this is exactly what we need to do to destroy girls’ sports!” quips an Alabama state politician on condition of anonymity. “Nobody cares about girls’ athletics anyway. But seeing a trans kid go uncontested for multiple championships? Yeah, that’s the stuff.” Continue reading Local Politicians Enforce Transgender Sports Advantage

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Sweet Home AlaTRANa

Alabama might have a history of turning its back on its people, but Alabamians have an even richer history of taking back what’s ours! From the Montgomery Bus Boycotts to the Selma Voting Rights Marches… now that’s a rebel spirit we can get behind. Don’t let these anti-trans bills get y’all down. Be proud of… Continue reading Sweet Home AlaTRANa

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